The Dead Sea Museum
Virtual Museum of Contemporary Art
"The Dead Sea is disappearing before our eyes. 

Are we paying attention?"
Credit Photographs: Noam Bedein

Environmental Challenge

The Dead Sea is the lowest place on earth and one of its saltiest bodies of water.
It is shared by 3 nationalities: Israeli, Palestinian, & Jordanian, and is designated as a world wonder.

Over 160 billion gallons of water evaporates from it every year without being replenished.
This has led to an alarming increase in sinkholes limiting physical access to the Dead Sea.

Although there are plans to help the situation such as the Red Sea-Dead Sea conveyance project ($10B estimate). It is still a pipe dream with politics and industries playing in its way and uncertainty if it will ever materialise.

Unique Digital Response

The Dead Sea Museum is a new type of Platform for Art Exhibitions in Virtual Reality .
Through commissioned digital artworks, the project aims to open new ways for contemporary artists to create and showcase original Digital Artworks.
Artists who, like us, want to bring attention to an ongoing yet reversible ecological disaster.

Virtual Experience

Divided in 3 section, the experience unfolds transporting its travellers in space but also in time.

From the sea level where they enter to the sea bed where they discover the fantastic digital sculpture park, time passes at a rapid rate around them.
So by the time they reach the Dead Sea Imaginarium, water has completely evaporated, leaving only a desolated out-worldly landscape.

Commissioned artists will create virtual objects for the Imaginarium which can be any scale, form, static or animated, solid or ephemeral, interactive or inaccessible.
Many of these physically unrealizable objects will find a home in a future that is surreal but all too plausible.

Möbius Strip Entrance

The museum entrance floats in the heart of the sea, lending itself to the wind the sun and the currents. Shaped as a Möbius strip, the structure is a symbol of infinity, timelessness and the power of nature.

Submerged Levels

Entry to the submerged levels is done through the double helix staircase and glass roofed elevator.

The revealed submerged rooms introduce visitors to the subject matter, showcasing 360 content of the receding waters by Noam Bedein, as well as photographic and art installations from artists from the region including Spencer Tunick and more.

Dead Sea Imaginarium

The Dead Sea Imaginarium takes us to the dystopian future, to the fantastical terrain that is the seabed of a depleted Dead Sea.

From there, we take a journey through a landscape populated by virtual art installations that are static, mobile or ephemeral.