Co Founder Statement

The Dead Sea’s water levels are currently at the lowest in recorded history. Due to the rapid rate of the receding water levels of the lake, an estimated 600 Olympic pools are evaporated and emptied every day(!) The drop is very dramatic, up to 1.5 meters (5.4 feet) in one year.
This drop caused massive sinkholes to appear on its shores, with over 700 that appear yearly and over 6,000 in total.   Because of the sinkholes, there is almost no access to the Northern Dead Sea by land,  which is the only part of the Sea remaining today, closing off beach resorts and roads.
Noam Bedein - Founder of the Dead Sea Revival Project
The Southern Dead Sea- The hotel district in Ein Bokok is divided up into huge salty rich mineral pools. This part of the Dead Sea has been disconnected from the Northern Dead Sea since 1979 and is artificially being maintained for Dead Sea tourism and factory industries on both sides of the banks, in Israel and Jordan.
The only way to explore the Northern Dead Sea and grant access to its exotic salty shores that are exposed just a few weeks before, is solely by the water, via boat.
I first experienced the Dead Sea by boat in April 2016, and it’s only then I understood why this rich body of water in the lowest point on Earth is considered the 8th Wonder of the World.
My second Dead Sea exploration boat excursion took place five months later. By then, I didn’t recognize any of the sites or shores I first saw. The entire landscape has changed dramatically.   I had noticed a salt formation being underwater at first and now completely exposed out of the water. It hit me hard, in a personal and intimate way, seeing with my own eyes and realizing that at this rate my children will not have the Dead Sea as a  world heritage site to explore or experience.
It is at that point, I went on a mission to explore, document, expose, educate, and advocate for the Dead Sea as never done before.  I founded the Dead Sea Revival Project (DSRP), becoming the only NGO  dedicated solely to promoting the Dead Sea story to the international community conveying the message for restoring the natural historical water sources flow to the Dead Sea and conveying a regional message of hope for water sustainability solutions for the Middle East and North Africa region.
“It hit me hard, in a personal and intimate way, seeing with my own eyes and realizing that at this rate my children will not have the Dead Sea”
Four years later, I am proud to share that I was able to excite and expose hundreds of millions of people worldwide, through tens of colorful news articles and media segments, on top, receiving coverage in National Geographic Magazine and CNN. The DSRP received recognition by academic Sci-Tech institutions in Israel and the US, on top- A NASA endorsement letter for our Dead Sea educational and activism work.

TheDeadSeaMuseum.com  brings together all the elements of the Dead Sea that I have been privileged to explore as a platform for art, architecture, and experiences that one can enjoy from their home.  Please join me on one of my Dead Sea virtual expeditions and become an environmental ambassador for the Dead Sea.
Founder of the Dead Sea Revival Project
Noam Bedein