Founder's Statement

I am excited to invite you to virtually visit the Dead Sea Museum of Art. Sharing the Dead Sea with the world through art has been a passion of mine that began back in 2011 when I brought Spencer Tunick to Israel for a floating installation with 1200 participants.
Ari Leon Fruchter - Founder
“My goal is to one day build a physical museum that would simulate the experience of visiting the Dead Sea that is no longer possible today due to the shrinking water level and sinkholes.”
While the Dead Sea is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Israel and Jordan, only a small % of the world has had a chance to visit and with Covid 19 travel has almost completely stopped.
“Sharing the Dead Sea with the world through art has been a passion of mine”
Last year on Earth Day 2020 I launched the world's 1st International Photo Competition for the Dead Sea in partnership with GuruShots and Noam Bedein (Dead Sea Revival Project). We were overwhelmed by the response we got, receiving submissions from  3524 photographers from over 40 countries and a total of 13,123 photos& 9,083,102 votes. With the help of our judges, Keren Bar Gil, Roie Galitz, Spencer Tunick, and Casey Kelbough, we were able to select the winning Photo and choose 40 works for an exhibition.
Planning a physical exhibition at the Dead Sea turned out to be a real challenge, with Coronavirus and closures we were forced to shift strategies. Thanks to the generous support of Mark Moscowitz and the Prima Hotels we embarked on a new direction partnering with Ikonospace & Kunstmatrix to create a virtual exhibition that has evolved into a virtual museum thanks to design and support from the architects Neuman Hayner.
This has been a bootstrapped grassroots effort and am very proud of the outcome. I hope you enjoy our inaugural exhibition and I encourage you to  provide feedback, join our mailing list, attend a virtual tour of the Dead Sea, return for future exhibitions, help spread the word, and support this initiative in any way you can.
Thank you for reading this and visiting
the Dead Sea Museum of Art.

It means the world to me.